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About Us

A Quarter - Century Experience..

Established in İstanbul in 1994 with the aim to realize medium and large scale construction projects and contribute in development of construction sector by continuous follow up of building technology and construction innovations and implementation of these

New construction methods and technologies, AE TECHNIC GROUP through stable growth, has gained a respectful place in the construction market with its professionalism, creativity, honesty and market development features.
With its strong financial and management capacity and management team, closely following the developments
and changing demands in the market, continues to be one of the leading construction companies.
Up to now, AE TECHNIC GROUP had completed various significant and innovative projects and
continues to realize the high-level engineering projects throughout Turkey.

The major factors in achievement of out standing reputation of excellence in the construction sector are the
experience and professionalism of the personel we as organizational effort and development strategy of management  staff in delivering of under ta ken project on time and beyond l he anticipated quality.

The main policy of AE TECHNIC GROUP is the timely completion of undertaken projects by adopting modern management techniques
and utilizing specialized manpower and materials and equipment sources with proven records of quality and success.

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