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Quality Management Policy 

•    To fulfill undertaken obligations in compliance with Quality Management System
•    To comply with the rules of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management as well as contracts, specifications, rules and regulations in all design and construction activities
•    To provide continues training to all its employees
•    To meet clients’ expectations and achieve their satisfaction by developing optimum solutions
•    To measure and improve continuously the established quality management system through participation of all its employees
•    To achieve clients satisfaction and quality standards and continuously improve these by trusting in the support and productivity of its employee
•    To ensure sustainable client satisfaction by use of resources economically, effectively and efficiently.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

•    To follow up and comply with Occupational Health and Safety rules, regulations and instructions
•    To improve continuously the Health and Safety Management System
•    To create healthy and safety work environment at minimum risk level in terms of occupational diseases and accidents
•    To provide occupational safety and protect the health of its employees
•    To ensure the awareness on individual Occupation Health and Safety responsibilities and increase environmental conscious of all employees
•    To take necessary measures for elimination of risks at their sources with the participation of all employees for achievement of “zero occupational accident”
•    To create healthy work environments by keeping the environment clean and neat

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